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Cig-O-Bill -- marked bill in cigarette (Joe Karson)

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Here's an old method -- about 60 or 70 years old -- for causing a borrowed and marked bill to appear inside a borrowed cigarette.  The method may be old, but the impacvt is huge, and this old method will fool the new kids on the block, as well as your audiences.   The effect looks like this:    A cigarette is borrowed and placed on the table, or behind your ear where it remains in view but untouched.  A bill is borrowed and marked, and folded into quarters.  It is either put in an envelope, or wrapped in a hanky.  the envelope is burned (or the hank is shaken out showing the bill has vanished), and then the cigarette is picked up and broken in half -- from one half, the performer pulls out a folded bill which is cleanly handed to the spectator to open and verify the signature.

For the magician who knows that the best magic is not always the newest, or the hardest, or the most complicated, Cig-o-Bill, created by the great Joe Karson, could be a showstopper.  I have listed this in Stage Magic, but it could also be done close-up with no problems at all.

Comes with instructions and gimmick -- does not include the hanky if you choose to do the well-known bill vanish in a hanky.

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