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Cornelius Bendable Pen -- the original

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This effect is quite unique in that the magician is somehow able to cause a solid plastic pen to become pliable, which he demonstrates by bending the pen back and forth.  IT truly is flexible, so this can be done slowly and clearly -- it is not some sort of optical illusion.  But after the pen is straightened out, the magi hands it to a burly spectator who finds the pen (like any normal pen) cannot be bent.  It is completely rigid.

Like most magic by John Cornelius, the method is inventive, and the effect is interesting.  I always thought Cornelius charged way too much for this effect, but here is one that I got among a lot of estate sale items, and it is in like new condition.  So you can get the original Cornelius Bendable pen for a more reasonable price.

A very impressive effect that was simply too expensive when Cornelius released it (at $30), but get this previously owned, but like new, one for less!

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