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Broken Translation (DARYL, pocket-size) -- SIGNED

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With Daryl's untimely passing earlier this year, the world of magic lost one of it's most charismatic and creative artists.   We will miss you, Daryl.   Among Daryl's many contirbutions to our Art were many off-beat close-up items, and Broken Translation was one of the best.     When I checked a few years ago, this effect is no longer listed on Daryl's website, so I assume it has not been available since at least 2010 or earlier.   Web-searches turned up some old listings for a Jumbo sized version that was sold out.  (And besides, the action of the routine makes a lot more sense in a smaller version for the final smash climax....)

Anyway, this is a great little entertainment from Daryl, and this is a vintage version (from the 1990's, or earlier) -- the photo shows the original instructions, which have been signed in red by Daryl, which was one of the ways Daryl tried to fight against unauthorized versions of his tricks.  So in addition to getting a great effect, you also get the autograph of one of the magic firmament's great stars.

The effect is interesting, in that you show a packet of picture cards that are used to teach various words in half a dozen languages -- the translations are on the back of the cards.  A picture card is selected by the spectator and you give her a quick linguistics test.  Then the selected card is mixed back into the packet.  As the spectator holds the packet, you give it a sharp whack with yoru forefinger and all the cards fall tgo the table, except one!   The card remaining in her hand is her selected item, of course.  But the real fun comes when she looks at all the other cards, and now, all the pictures of the items are broken!!    

Worried about how you will switch in the broken pictures for the whole picture cards?     Well, no worries, because there's no switch and the cards are all EXAMINABLE at the end!  

This is a very hard to find item, and very collectable, as well as performable.    In like new, unused condition, complete with original instructions.

Only one of these in stock so get it fast!

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