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Locked Glass Mystery (like Wedlock)

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I think it was the late, great Rick Johnnson who invented this one.  Back in the 1970's he came out with an effect called Wedlock, which I never saw (unfortunately...  I always wanted that trick when I was a young magician).  Well, here is a new version of the same effect:  a classy cocktail glass is shown, and a padlock is locked and put into the glass.  The spectator holds the keys to the lock.  A hanky is draped over the glass which is set in the center of the table.  After a few magic words, the magi takes hold of two corners of the hank, and cleanly and slowly lifts it off the glass.  The lock is no longer in the glass!  Instead, it is locked on the stem!!  Very surprising, and surprisingly easy to do.  Comes with everything you need.

I prefer to do this one as a stand up "club" effect, but it can be done close-up also.

The version I currently have for sale is a taller "martini-style" glass with a rugged looking standard master lock.

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