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Magic Tricks with Everyday objects DVD

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Online Price

Original Price: $14.95
Save: $7.96
TMGS Price:


A good beginner's DVD to teach some effective but easy to do tricks using things around the house.  Words appear on a business card, a napkin is torn and restored, a rubber band jumps and penetrates your flesh, predict totals randomly rolled on dice, etc etc.

A good value for the TMGS clearance price!

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Related Products

Two trick decks and Video instructions (two videos)
You get TWO videos and two gimmicked card decks, great for anyone starting in card magic.  The videos are new and still sealed, and the decks are also in new condition.  I will also include printed instruction sheets with the decks, in addition to the VHS video instruction tapes.   One deck and tape is the famous Svengali deck, where you can locate a chosen card every time, and even make all the cards change into the selected card.  The deck can be shown all different, but suddenly, all the cards are the same!  One of the greatest trick decks ever, and a "must-have" for beginning magicians.  Shhh!  the pros use this deck also, but in more subtle ways than beginners.  The video teaches 29 tricks with this versatile gimmicked deck.   The other deck is a Stripper deck, which is usually the second gimmicked deck that a beginning magician learns, right after the Svengali. With this deck, you can do amazing gambling demos, find selected cards after spectators have shuffled the deck, magically separate red and balck cards, etc.  Another deck that is great for beginners, but often employed by pros for some amazing effects!  Tape teaches 29 tricks with this deck, also.   58 tricks for under $10????  that's only 17 cents a trick.  And there's more tricks to do with these decks once you know the secrets!  If you want to learn card tricks, or know someone who does, this is perfect for you!   TWO great trick decks, and TWO videos to teach you the best ways to use them!

To US destination, I will ship the tapes Media mail, and decks separately via 1st class, to keep your postage costs as low as possible. 
Original Price: $30.00
Save: $20.01


LONGE, Little Giant Encyclopedia of Magic
Little Giant Encyclopedia of Magic, by Bob Longe. Sterling Publications for lay public, but excellent magic in it nonetheless! Good condition.    The poker-size deck of cards in the picture is not included, just there to show you how compact this book is -- amazing that it contains so much great magic!
TMGS Price:


BLACKSTONE, Tricks Anyone Can Do

BLACKSTONE’s TRICKS ANYONE CAN DO has about 200 tricks and ideas from puzzles to mental items to cards to impromptu table tricks.  Great overview book for beginners.  Like new condition.

TMGS Price:


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