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Mismade Thank You Silk set

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A large 18” silk that says “Thank You” in bold type, but the letters are screwy, so it doesn’t really read correctly no matter which way you turn the silk.  It looks like it will be right, but then it isn’t.   Another turn and it looks like you have it, but no!   This is usually just a gag item, but because this set also comes with a normally printed “Thank You” silk, you can use a silk changing device to fix the mismade silk, and create a magical finish where you really say Thank You (correctly!)

Nice quality silk and printing by Goshman.

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Picture silk 18 inch -- THANK YOU
An 18" silk that has the phrase "Thank you" emblazoned across it...A nice bit to throw into any production routine. I pretend to hear one of the kids say "He's good" or something like that, and then pull out the Thank you silk from my production box. Or produce it at the end of the show, when they are applauding. A simple silk roll, and you can have a flash appearance of the silk and show the message. Lots of uses! 100% silk.
Regular Retail: $11.95
Save: $2.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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