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Knock Out - like Masuda WOW

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You can gauge the greatness of a trick by how many imitators it has.  In the case of Masudaís WOW trick, the verdict is in, based on so many copies floating around on eBay and elsewhere:  WOW is REALLY GREAT! 

Mak Magic offers a nicely made version of the WOW gimmick, called Knock Out.  (Maybe should be called Knock Off!)

The effect is well-known:  A card is selected and signed.  Then a poker card-sized plastic screen is shown, and then a random card is put inside.  The face of the random card can be seen in the screen, and then visibly it transforms into the selected signed card.

Very impressive and not hard to do.

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Related Products

Business Card Printer (like WOW, but smaller)

Using similar "technology" as the Masuda WOW card effect, this version allows you to show a blank business card and have the printing appear on the card.  The printing seems to magically appear, visibly, through the mesh of the special card holder.  

In the original Masuda card effect, the card changes from one value to another.  Because the change in this effect is from BLANK to printed, it works best with a very BOLD design business card.  If the design of the business card is too subtle, the appearance as seen through the mesh will not be as impressive.  But if you have a bold design on your card, I heartily recommend this method of magically introducing your business card to prospective clients.  They will remember how it appeared and hold onto it.

 Uses standard business card size or slightly oversized up to width of a bridge-size playing card.    Also can turn a blank bridge size card to a printed one, but I think the effect is much stronger with a business card!

NOTE:   The holder is slightly wider than a standard business card, so the frame looks entirely filled when the gimmick shows blank, and then after the printing, the business card does not quite go out all the way to the edges.  (For those familiar with the WOW gimmick, that should make sense...)   So there is a small discrepancy when the card prints and it does not reach the edges of the frame.  But the audience is so focused on the appearance of the printing, that they do not notice this.  

Brand new with instructions  (The business card shown in the photos is not included -- just there to show how it looks when blank and when printed -- use your own business cards)

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Magic Zap Business Card Printer
A sturdy model of the deceptive business card printer. You put a blank card in the window, and with a flip of the wrist, writing appears on the card, which can be remeoved and given out to your audience. A fun and easy way to provide a little magic when someone says "Do you have a card?" Takes a bit of aknack to get the flip, but once you get it, you're set.
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