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Impossible Bill in Sealed Bottle - Gerard Kirchner

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Sometimes an effect is made even more amazing by the fact that if the spectators knew what the magi did to set up the effect, they would be amazed even at that!  For me, this is one of those tricks.  You need to do some pre-show preparation, that although not difficult, is quite unusual.  But the effect is powerful, and so the set-up work is repaid by spectators’ gossip about how amazing your trick is. 

The trick looks like this:

Show a sealed bottle of white wine, and set it on the table in full view.   Borrow a bill and tear it in two, giving one half to the spectator to hold on to, while the other half is vanished by you.  Then you pick up the bottle, and magically, half of the bill appears inside the sealed bottle.  The spectator can examine it – there’s nothing to find.  She can even take the bottle home, open it, drink the wine, and then break it to get the matching half of her bill back.  Or you can open it at the show, pour the contents, and then extract the bill half for her.   Also could work with a selected card. 

The bottle is truly sealed and the object is truly inside.  That is what makes this so cool.

You get enough stuff to prepare this effect TWENTY times, or call it eighteen – that way, you can practice it twice before you get an audience.  I think it is best saved for special occasions, or for potential bookers of a big gig.  Make their chosen card appear in a nice bottle of wine, and then give them the wine bottle, still sealed as a gift.  They WILL book you!

Originally retailed for $29.99, but now available on the web for aboout $10-$12.  Why bother searching?  Get it here for less!

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Qty: 1   

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