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A half dollar sized low-tech device that makes a high pitched squeek when it is squeezed.  Tons of fun for kidshows, when you shake the volunteers hand and hear a distinctive squeeke coming from their elbow!  Or push your finger on a sponge ball and hear it squeek!  No instructions, but if you can palm a half dollar, you can easily hide this in your hand and squeek at opportune moments!

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Mouth Coils -- Medium (24 pieces)
You know that you use one every show you do, so here's a chance to get some for less! These mouth coils are same size as Cresey mediums, just right for slipping into the mouth and doing the long pull out. They are made by Max Londono, and are good quality, rarely breaking as they are pulled out. I used to use Cresey coils but switched to these (because of the price!), and I find they are every bit as effective. This is a staple of kid show workers, clowns and comic magicians! The quality is good, the effect is great, the laughs are big, and the price is right, considering we often must pay about 95 cents a piece for mouth coils. Each coil comes out in assorted colors -- brights, yellows, pinks, greens, etc --adding to the fun and festive nature of the trick. Just in case you don't know the effect: you abruptly stop your act, looking a bit ill (perhaps) then realize something is in your mouth. Reaching in, you pull out yards and yards of colorful paper streamer! "Must have been something I ate!" Coils are approximately 25 feet when unwound.  You get TWENTY-FOUR coils.
Save: $3.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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