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HARRIS, Las Vegas Close-up

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1990's undated re-print (by D. Robbins) of the 1978 follow-up book to Harris' monster book, Super Magic.  Las vegas Close-up did not disappoint those who thought that Harris could not live up to the quality of material in his previous book.  More great card magic, and also more coin magic in this one, that also displayed Paul harris unique approach and thinking on coins as well as cards.    If you don't have this book, and you like card magic, buy this.  I guarantee you will love it.  150 pages.  MINT condition, except a few pages in the middle of the book were folded during the binding and cutting process, so they are not exactly square.  Does not impact readability.

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HARRIS, Cardboard Connection (Robbins reprint)

1980's D. Robbins reprint of Paul Harris' groundbreaking concept -- the linking cards.  well-taught and explained in 29 pages, this is still the best linking card routine there is, in terms of practicality and audience impact.  So many linking card routines after it, and none could improve on Harris' clear thinking.  The effect:  two cards are folded and the centers are torn out, creating two card "rings".  These are then cleanly linked together and unlinked.  Everything is examined in the end.   29 pages.  MINT condition.
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HARRIS, Super Magic
1990's undated re-print (by D. Robbins) of the 1977 book that made Paul Harris a superstar of close-up!  This book was so groundbreaking at the time it came out, that everyone did at least one routine (and most magicians did several) from the tricks described here.  Most of us couldn't resist the very zany and funny patter that Harris provided as well -- few got away with the lines as well as Harris could.  But the magic was still entertaining and amazing.    If you don't have this book, and you like card magic, buy this.  I guarantee you will love it.  134 pages.  MINT condition.
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