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Card Castle

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A cloth is spread over a bunch of cards scattered on a tray, and when the cloth is lifted, the cards have formed a six-level Card castle!   Fun finish for a manipulative card act -- pluck all those cards from the air, and drop them onto the tray. Cover with the cloth, and produce the castle among a flutter of cards to the floor. (The loose cards you produced would fall to the floor in the routine described above, but this sort of adds to the effect!)    You can see in the pic, that this castle is six "stories" high, so it stands about 16 inches tall when produced.  Design automatically locks the castle in place, upright, no fumbling.   But it folds very flat, very easily.   The back of the castle shows card backs, but they are a light red color, and so you could stencil the name of a chosen card in large black letters on the back, for a finish where you turn the castle around to show the chosen card's name.   Also, has a small tape handle at the top, so you will not miss when you lift the cards below the cloth.  (see pic)    Brand new with instructions

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