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Classic Card Star

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Original Price: $69.95
Save: $19.96

Qty: 1   

This is one of those "Tricks of Yester-year", harkening back to the early days of modern magic. I checked a few books in my library (Greater Magic, Our Magic, etc) but could not find a reference to who invented this. The star stands about 20" high, and is about 11" from point to point, so it shows up well on stage. The effect: five cards are selected, and shuffled into the deck. The deck is given to your assistant, as you stand by the card star to steady it. Your assistant springs the deck at the star and in a flash, five cards appear at the points of the star -- the five selected cards. Could be done without an assistant, if you spring the cards from your right hand and steady the star with your left.   Or you can use it the way I like to, which is to use it as the big finish for a multiple selected card revelation -- have ten cards selected and mixed into the deck, and begin finding them one at a time using flashy reveals, like card rise for one, spinning one out of the deck, one magically jumping tot he pocket, one mistake changing to the right card via Top Change, etc.  But for the last five cards, BANG, they appear instantly at the points of the star.  Intsant applause, maybe even ovation!  The cards shoot into place really fast, as soon as the trigger is pulled on the device.  They just seem to appear from nowhere.  Only have a couple of these, so get one now if you want it!

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