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Card to Wallet -- hip pocket style -- Bayers model

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This is a nicely designed Card in Wallet -- but unlike most long (checkbook) style wallets made for this effect, this one is the more typical hip-pocket design.  It seems more natural to most people, as the longer style wallets are not as commonly used these days.

Because of the wallet's design, it is easy to load a signed selected card appear inside the buttoned flap plexiglas window pocket.   Requires a palm of the selected card, but the load is soooo easy, and when the wallet is removed from your pocket, it can be encircled with a couple rubber bands, and then when opened, the pocket is snapped shut, and the card is definitely under the glassine window.  Very impressive.

Although these are described by most dealers (and by their manufacturer) as leather, they are really a bonded leather product, which has a great look, but does not wear as well as real leather.  For this reason, I recommend you use this wallet when performing but leave it in the magic case for everyday use. 

You can load it easily if it is in either your back hip pocket, or in your coat's breast pocket.

Get one of these if you want to always be ready for a great card in wallet miracle.

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