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Plexi disc QUARTER size -- for vanish

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Online Price

Regular price: $3.95
Save: $1.96

Qty: 1   

This is a dollar size plexi disc that you can use for the very effective, and not-very-often-seen, method of vanishing a coin as it is dropped into a glass of water.  Effect:  borrow a coin (or use your own, and have it marked), and put it under any handkercheif.  Spectator holds the coin through the hank, and positions it over a normal glass of water.  Spectator drops the coin in the glass of water, and when the spectator takes the hank away from the glass, the coin is not there.  water can be poured from the glass or drank, and coin is definitely gone.  Find the marked coin in your favorite location.

This comes with no instructions, but most of us know this method, and just never use it because it's hard to get the clear glass or plexi discs.  If you need to know how to do it, I can explain in an email. 

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