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Headless Cartoon Silk set (4) -- 100% silk

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Kids love to pretend, and they love to dress up.   This set of FOUR big 36 inch silks lets you involve four kids in a fun routine where they each get a role in the circus.  The magic is simple -- you use any production device, such as square circle, Pro Van, drawer box, etc, to produce four silks.  As each one is produced, one of your four audience helpers holds it up in front of himself (or herself) with just their head showing above the funny cartoon caricature.  Give the ballerina to a boy for laughs, and the strongman to a little girl.   Then switch them so you get it right.  Give the clown to the birthday child, or let them pick which character they want to be.  Hold the monkey up to your own neck for a big laugh from the kids.   Nicely made silks.  Memorable kidshow magic.

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Pro-Van Production Cabinet  

This production device, originated by Jack Hughes, is particularly deceptive.  (To be clear, this is not a vintage Hughes product -- it is a currently manufacturered version of Hughes' trick.)

The "cabinet" is a hinged "V"-shaped box (like a wooden file folder, sort of), that sits in a stand on the table.   The box is opened and shown completely empty on the inside.   The box is closed, and shown all-around from the outside.  The magician then sets it on the stand, and proceeds to produce a large load of silks, ribbons, etc.

The cabinet is about 8" tall and 10" wide, about 3" across at the top of the "V" when it is folded and set in the stand. The load chamber is almost as big as the entire inside of the cabinet -- but the cabinet can be convincingly shown empty due to the clever design.

An unusual production method that your audiences will remember!

Save: $10.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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