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Utility Card frame -- plastic econo version

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Online Price

Regular Retail: $4.95
Save: $3.46

Qty: 1   

This very deceptively designed item has been seen before, in a nice metal version put out by Tricks, Co in the 1980's, and in a slightly different form as Tenyo's Fantastica.  This version is an economy (that means "cheap") one made in plastic.  Nothing wrong with plastic, but this one is a bit sticky, so you really have to shake it to make the gimmick do its thing.  But the effect is still cool, and very visible.  A card is seen in the holder (like in the picture), and the holder is shaken, so the card slips out.  As it falls to the table, it changes to another card, or using the special card provided, the ink can slide around on the card -- guess you shook too hard!  This is a neat item to play around with, and maybe to learn more about in case you ever find a chance to buy the Tricks, Co version.  But the quality is low, so I'm putting it in the clearance section!

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