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Grandpa`s Deck

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This sort of takes the wonderful Fred deck concept, and turns it on its head.  In the Fred deck trick (or the Oscar deck, Nick Trost's fabulous version of the effect, which TMGS has deemed the best of breed), a spectator thinks of a card, and the magician names it:  "Fred"  (or "Oscar").  But the groans turn to applause when it is seen that each card bears a different name on the back, and the card the spectator was merelky thinking of has Oscar on the back. 

Well, as I said, Grandpa's deck turns the thing inside out -- you show a deck with names on the back of each card.  Every name is different, the patter being that grandpa remembered all his grand children this way...  The faces are seen to be different, and one spectator cuts to and remembers a card.  let's say its the 8 of hearts.   Another spectator names any boy's name...really, no force, names ANY name (as long as it's not too obscure, like Ichabod or something).  The cards are dealt facedown by the spectator, and they stop at the named name.  They turn that card faceup.  It is the 8 of hearts. 

Very stunning, and surprising, and allows for a very personal touch because the spectator can name someone meaningful in her life.  Get one!

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Minds in Focus -- hard-to-find now

This principle is truly unique, and creates a very deceptive card prediction. A deck is shown to be in apparently random order, but when turned facedown, the magician (or mentalist) shows that each card is numbered on the back, and that the cards are in numbered order from 1 through 52. A prediction is given to a spectator ro hold, and then the spectator names any number from 1 to 52. Counting down to that number (no cheating possible as the cards are actually numbered!), the magi removes the chosen number card, and low and behold, it matches the prediction. Very clean and very cool method. You will like this a lot!

No longer available from the US distributor, this excellent effect shows up as "Sold Out" from all the major dealers. 

BUT... we have just ONE left in stock.  Brand new, unused.  Get it before it's gone!

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Qty: 1   

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