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Steel Ball and Tube -- pocket classic

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I love this trick, but not many magicians perform it, probably because most magi get this trick as beginners and at that point, they do not have enough practice discipline to master the simple move involved in creating the effect.  It is simple, but does require repeated practice to perform with confidence.  However, once you have the feel of it, you can create true amazement in your spectators.

The effect is the one where a steel ball rests a top a small metal tube and then slowly sinks into the tube, then rises up again.   Straightforwad, and utterly impossible.  Deluxe versions of this trick have come out in recent years that feature solid tube climaxes, but this original classic is still very effective.    (If you have the L&L DVD set by Glenn Falkenstein & Frances Willard, you can find their excellent handling of this classic trick).

If you are a beginner who someday wants to be a highly accomplished magician, this is a great trick to start practicing your practicing.  And if you are are an experienced magician with years of practice, but somehow you never added this classic pocket illusion to your repertoire, well, you really should have it!   So you should buy this.   (If you already have a set in a drawer somewhere, you should take it out and practice it!)

From EZ Magic, brand new and unused, with a simple instruction sheet.

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