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Spectator Cuts to the Aces -- moveless miracle

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Want everyone to think you have been possessed by the ghost of the great Ed Marlo?  No, you don't need to smoke a cigar and have a really noticeable toupee...  You just need to perform this incredibly effective, but really EASY-TO-DO version of the classic Spectator Cuts to the Aces plot (which Marlo had sooooo many methods for)

The Handling is very clean -- It looks like this:  magi overhand shuffles the deck and after showing the faces to be different, he sets the deck on the table and asks the spectator to cut it into two piles, then cut each of these piles into two piles.  The four piles are turned faceup, and each has an Ace at the face!!! 

Magi does nothing tricky -- Short, but very sweet.  Leave the knuckle busting moves at home for this one -- gimmicked deck does it all!

I use this trick a lot, but I made up a version with a real Bicycle poker deck to match my normal cards.  You get Bicycle back designed cards with this, but as you can see in the picture, the Ace of Spades is an Aviator/Fox Lake design.  The cards are not US Playing Card printed.  So you will maybe want to adapt this to your favorite deck.  It does come with a matching ungimmicked deck, so you can do it as is, if you are not particular about what cards you work with.   I use this trick a lot, but I made up a version with a real USPCC Bicycle poker deck to match my other decks. (To adapt the gimmick to another deck takes about an hour of simple craftwork with one regular deck and a readily available office supply).

There is one part of the instructed routine where it asks the magi to cop a small packet of cards away from the gimmicked deck.  But this is not really necessary.  If you leave these cards on top of the pack, it all works fine anyway, so skip the heat and relax while your spectator cuts to the aces and you don't do a thing!

Brand new with instructions

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