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Wand Loop Buttonhole Puzzle

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I remember the first time someone put the pencil loop puzzle on my button hole!  It is a real fooler to try to get it off.  Now made with a small magic wand instead of a pencil, it is perfect for magicians.  Use it on someone who heckles you -- just put it on, and let them work on getting it off as you do some tricks for the politer members of the audience!  Fun for friends and enemies alike!

If you don;t know this one, you show a pencil sized magic wand with a loop of string permanently attached to one end.  After a few quick and deft moves, you have attached the wand to your victim's... (I mean, Spectator's) jacket button hole.  They will find it impossible to remove without breaking the string.  But before things go that far, you remove is with a few more deft moves. 

I like to remove it openly, since it is still amazing to see that it can be done, and spectators will never remember exactly how anyway.  More a puuzzle than magic, but a really good puzzle!

You'll do this one a lot

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