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Although this book was recently reprinted, and you can get these reprinted editions for about $45, the first edition of this influential book is still highly prized by serious cardmen and collectors.  

This one is in near Mint condition, with a magic marker blot on the end paper, and very minor wear on the corner edges.  But the book is otherwise tight, crisp and beautiful. 


Published by Mike Caveney’s Magical Publications in 1983,  Frank Simon’s book became a classic in the magic underground, but did not find a wide audience because he was not well-known outside of the Southern California magic scene.  There, however, his work and ideas influenced everyone, including Dai Vernon.   

From Cy Endfield’s introduction:  “Thanks…for showing me somm many of the brilliant card moves and routines you’ve invented and are now putting in this book…  Now, dear reader, your care in reading this book well, and pursuing each item, card pack in hand…will be richly rewarded.” 

Simon was a film-maker by profession, not a magician, and it was Earl Nelson who encouraged Simon to put his stuff in print.


Highlights include:

Versatile Spread Control , which when perfected, will become your best, most invisible control of a selected card. 

 Goodbye double cut, goodbye pass  J    The move has myriad applications, and the book provides about six tricks with the control, including a couple of the most direct and magical sandwich routines you’ll ever perform.


Benihana Aces, so named because as the Aces appear form the deck during this flourish, it all feels like the fancy knife work of a chef at Benihana restaurant. 

A combination of Collectors and the Elevator effect, called Collectavator. 

An ambitious card effect, where the ambitious card is a different color than the deck.  In the end climax, the deck changes color. 

Many other effects, plus the book has a lot of great utility sleights that will help you take your card magic to the next level. 


This book is not for beginners.  While nothing in it is “too hard” if you have ten fingers and time to practice, the sleights and handlings are subtle and demand serious practice to perfect.  But once they are mastered, you will fool laymen more seamlessly, and make other magicians envious of how economical and streamlined your card magic is.


An excellent example of an increasingly rarer first edition.  A classic underground car book that should be in your library.

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