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Design in Mind Prediction

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Here is an improved version of a great old Supreme Magic effect, originally called Colour in Mind.  Sam Dalal has updated the concept, using ESP symbols instead of big colored spots, and also added the necessary extra gimmickry to let the back of all the cards be seen during the effect.  This seals the deal, and makes Design in Mind a very strong and visual prediction effect. 

Using BIG super jumbo 7x11 inch cards, the magi-mentalist shows five different ESP symbols.  He also shows a specially constructed card holder, which has a prediction "sign" on the back (like in the pic).  He shows the prediction on the back of the holder, but covers the name of the symbol with his hand -- I like to put a piece of post-It note over the name of the symbol -- so the audience sees "You will select the..."    The holder is turned so the prediction is hidden on the back, and the cards are placed into the holder, symbol sides facing the audience.  A spectator is asked to select a symbol as the magi shows them one at a time.  He pulls out the circle and shows it.  Spectator passes, so he removes the square, and shows it.  Again spectator passes.  Magi removes the next card, showing the star symbol, and this time, spectator says "yes, I like that one."  (There is no force involved, and spectator might stop on ANY symbol).  But once choice is made, the holder is turned around to show the name of the same symbol in the prediction.  

Note:  the cards are bigger than standard jumbo cards -- these cards are 7 inches by 11 inches, so they are highly visible from even a large stage.

This is direct, easy-to-do, "packs small, plays big" mentalism.       A really nice prop, and an excellent, sure-fire way to kick off any mentalism show.  (Though it can be performed at any time in your set, as Design in Mind is self-contained and always ready to go!)

Brand new with instructions.

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Marked ESP Deck

This deck has a similar starry back design pattern as the Rhine deck above (though they do not match exactly), and built into the pattern is a subtle marking system so you can know which symbol is on the card from the back!   Talk about the E.S.Possibilities!    

The fact that the cards have white borders allows for more subtle uses in effects where cards must be reversed in the pack, since the reversed card is not obvious on the edge of the deck, (as is problematic with all-over back pattern cards).

Funny, the decks came to me with no mention that they are marked!   I found out through word of mouth from a TMGS customer.   I will included instructions on how to read the markings.

This deck comes in just a has no card case.   Brand new.

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price:


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