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Heaviest Deck in the World (RED Bicycle Poker)

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This is a very realistic looking deck of cards, but when handed to a spectator for shuffling, they find it weighs almost 1.5 pounds, and it is completely solid. 

Makes a great quickie gag, or desktop paperweight, but also comes with some basic instructions for performing a version of Paul Harris' "Solid Deception" routine,  where a selected card is placed intot he middle of the deck, jumps to the top, and you repeat this a few times.  Then you put the selected card in your pocket, and it jumps back to the top of the deck.  Hand the card to the spectator, asking her to put the card in the middle of the deck.  She is surprised to find the deck is not only sold, but weighs a TON! 

The weight adds the extra impact to the original Harris concept that makes a great trick even better.    

New and unused, with original instruction sheet.   

RED Bicycle rider back, poker size       (If you want BLUE backed, check our other listings -- we may have BLUE available also, but listed separately)

 I can't help the fact that shipping this baby will add some postage cost to your's really heavy!  But it's worth the expense!    Best bet for most addresses will be a small flat rate USPS box, so postage will be about $8 for this item.  If you order with other items, I will ship it together or separately, depending on which gets you the best total combined postage.

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Glass (Omni) deck -- ambitious card climax Paul Harris started it with the Solid Deception finish for ambitious card.  In Harris' effect, the deck fused into a solid block of cards (all glued together).  It was such a strong finish, that variations began to sprout up. 
Jerry Andrus and Danny Korem followed with the Omni deck, and now the solid block of cards wasn't even a deck of cards at all -- it was a solid block of plexiglas.   This is a version of the Korem/Andrus effect.

You get a specially made block of plexiglas, which is used as the big finish to an ambitious card routine.  It looks like this:  you bring out a deck of card, and give it  a few overhand shuffles.  A card is selected and put into the middle of the deck.  It rises to the top.  This can be repeated as long as you want.  Then to finish, you put the selected card in your pocket, and it still jumps back to the top of the deck.  Hand the deck and selection to the spectator to put the card in the middle and BAM!  The spectator finds the deck to be a solid block of plexiglas.

Clever routining allows for no switch, and everything is examinable.
Original Price: $11.95
Save: $1.96

Qty: 1   

Bicycle Design Gag Cards - Set of 4

You get four red-backed cards, custom printed with red Bicycle back design, in classic gag card motifs: the 14 of spades, the 15 of diamonds, the venerable three-and-a-half of spades, and a very fancy Tree of Hearts.

(Note:  these cards are NOT printed by the US Playing Card Company.  They are imported, and while they handle well and smoothly, they have a slightly different finish from cards produced by USPCC.  Also these cards are a tiny bit longer than standard Poker-sized cards.  When in a standard deck, they protrude about 1/16 of an inch.  So best to use them separate from the deck, in a prediction envelope of card box.  Or in the deck, they can always be easily located and cut to.)

We magicians think these are just silly gags, but if played well, the revelation of the 14 of spades, or the three-and-a-half of clubs, or even the Tree of Hearts, not only amuses the lay audience, but can profoundly knock their socks off, too!

The effect as I usually do it: Spectator picks a card ("freely" selecting the 7 of spades). You explain that your facedown prediction card cannot, of course, be the same card, but it will be exactly double his card. You give examples, "if you picked the 2 of Hearts, my prediction would be the 4 of Hearts, etc". After the byplay when he names the 14 of spades, you show the correct prediction! Another great use is for a blendo card effect: two cards selected (again "freely", the 10 of diamonds and the 5 of diamonds). Via some sleight of hand, a card box, or maybe some other switch, you change the two selected cards into one card that equals their combined values -- the 15 of diamonds!

Tons of possibilities... Get a few sets, because you may wear them out -- you'll be using it so much!

TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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