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ESP Mental (like Quantimental)

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This is a nice looking version of the Quantimental effect (that's Ed mellon, I think, isn't it?) in which the mentalist gains instant knowledge of which item the spectator has picked up and shown to the audience.  It works like a charm, and is easy, effective and pretty much fool-proof.  A wooden stand is on your table and holds five ESP symbol cards.  You turn your back, and a spectator (who is onstage assisting you) picks up any one of the cards, shows it to the audience and puts it in her pocket.  She then picks up the other cards and also hides these in another pocket.  Magi-mentalist turns back to the audience, and can immediately name the symbol that was chosen first.  Other variants include usine letter cards, and the spectator picks up the letters in order of a thought of word, which you instantly divine.  Or five spectators each take a symbol card in turn, and you know who has which symbol.   Needless to say, the ingenious stand lets youknow the order the cards are removed, but it does so without any mechanical parts, electronics, attachments, etc -- it is simplicity itself, which is why Quantimental has always been a classic mental effect!   Cards in picture are bridge size to give you an idea of how big this is -- about a foot long, three inches high, if I had to guess (and I do, because I don't have a ruler handy!)

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Psy chip (Tricks Co, Ltd)
Very nicely made version of the "Quantimental" effect, in which a streamlined plastic case, which holds four colored metal chips, is shown. The magician turns away, a spoectator removes a chip from the case, and holds it hidden in her fist. The case is closed, and magi turns back to the adoring crowd. Magi immediately knows the selected color. The routine supplied includes predicting which chip will be selected in advance, as well as the clairvoyant phase of identifying the chip color after it has been selected. Typical "neat" gimmickry from Tricks, Co.
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Psychic Dominoes

This is a great utility set for the working mentalist. You get 15 nicely made dominoes or tiles, each with a Zenner ESP symbol on each side. The tiles are made of lucite, and engraved (not just printed) with the symbols.

The classic domino principle which allows you to predict two symbols randomly chosen by the spectator is one of my favorite uses, but I also use them for multiple out predictions (since they are double sided). Or simply as markers in any symbol based ESP routine. They add class and authority to your presentation.

Also comes with a three five-pocket carrying cases for all fifteen tiles, which is good for storage to protect them from scratches and damage. A booklet of routines comes with the set, but you will no doubt think of many other ways to use these.

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