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Locked Deck (Bicycle Poker)

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This can be perfromed close-up, but also works as a fabulous stand-up routine. A deck of cards is shown to have a hole drilled through it in one corner, into which a lock can be inserted -- this is to keep the magician from his uncontrollable urge to perform too many card tricks! For this effect, though, the lock is removed, and a card is peeked at in the deck. The lock is IMMEDIATELY placed through the hole and closed. The locked deck is handed to the spectator to examine and the magician's hands are seen to be completely empty. Taking the locked deck back from the spectator, the magician riffles it a few times, then names the selected card. Once again ih hands are seen empty and he hands the deck back to the spectator, asking her to look for her card in the locked deck....She cannot find it! It has vanaished from the locked deck, even though the lock never opened. The magician (hands still empty!) reaches into his pocket and removes one card, with its hole still intact! It is the selected card. Killer effect that is so easy to do, you will fall out of your chair with joy when you read the instructions! Made with familiar Bicycle Poker size cards, that will match your regular decks.

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