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Bang Card

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I guess I understand this weird card plot from Kikuchi better than I understand his "Fu-Fu" card trick (which you can look at elsewhere on TMGS).  In this one, the Queen of Hearts get gunned down, leaving her bloodied and bullethole-ridden.  The King gets his tight camera, close-up shot to show off his angst and despair.  If you want to add a little mayhem to your card magic, these cards certainly are unexpected when they turn up!  Weird, but memorable, card magic.  Comes with DVD instructions, but mostly you can work out your own routines with these two specially printed Bicycle poker cards.

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Fu-Fu Card (huh?)
No idea what a "Fu-Fu" card is, but from the slightly crazed mind of Japanese magician, Kikuchi, comes this weird one...  

Effect is the transformation of a King into a raving lunatic, and the Queen of Hearts changes to show a bit more skin than we typically see from her.  The effect comes with neat specially printed Bicycle back poker-size cards and a DVD of demo and instructions.  After watching the DVD, I still don't know what it's all about exactly, but the cards are very interesting. 

Not so keen on the King card (why does he have a bloody nose?  Gross!) but the QH card is definitely cute and could be utilized in a lot of routines that you will think up using a little imagination and standard card moves.

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price:

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Jumbo Gag Card - Set of Five
Here is a set of Jumbo size cards to use for humorous card revelations and card predictions...
You get a 14 of diamonds, a 3 and a half of clubs, a King/Queen card and two 52 on 1 cards, one with regular back, and one with a regular card on the back, so you can force a card, and then show you actualkly have the right card after the 52 on 1 gag. The back design is somewhat "generic", so it will not match your jumbo Bicycle deck if you have one. But these are still very useful and add a bit of comic relief when mixed in with more meaningful and mystifying card magic!
Save: $2.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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