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Ultimate 20th Century Silks (Tricks, Co. Ltd.)

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What makes this the "Ultimate" version of the classic 20th centruty silks effect?  Well, it can play much faster and flashier, and it uses a new method that will fool the magician's watching.  The main difference is that when the one silk vanishes and appears tied between two other silks, the other two silks are not even tied together to begin with.  You clearly show three separate silks, and drape them over your arm.  One is put into a wine glass, and instantly vanishes.  You yank one of the remaining silks from your arm, and you are holding a chain of three tied silks, the vanished one in the middle.  No drag time in tying the two silks together before the vanish!   MINT condition, with original instructions, and original box.   Not often seen, this is a great addition to any Tricks, Co collection, but also a great addition to any show.

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