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Chu`s Magic Money Counting

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A shortchange routine, done with play money, but you can make it up in real money after you know how it works, or just keep using the play money.   The effect is still as strong.

This is part of some older Chu's magic I unearthed in storage -- this item is from the early 1990's.  It is one of the better effects from Chu's Magic (that had its heyday back in the 1980's).  

YOu count a packet of bills and the money keeps disappearing.  First,  you count 90 dollars, then 80, then 70, then only 50!! Better stop before you have no money at all!

Easy to do -- good for beginners, but magic strong enough to fit in the repetoire of experience performers as well. It is still sealed in the original box -- (the photo'd one is from my own collection).

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