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Stop Light Paddle (Ian Adair)

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Save: $2.00
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I have always thought this was the BEST paddle effect ever, and have had versions by Tricks, Co and Marcelo Contento, and lately the Meteor Paddle, and I never knew this was an Ian Adair creation from back in 1971.

Well, Ian has teamed up with Sam Dalal to put out a nice version of his classic paddle effect:    A paddle is shown blank on both sides, and three sleeves are also shown. They fit the paddle and have a spot on each side. One by one, the spots vanish from their sleeves and appear on the paddle, and finally all spots jump from the paddle onto one sleeve! This is visual, and very mystifying. This version is very easy to use, well balanced for the paddle move and a good size to be both visible, but also practical.

The routine as described includes a simple pocket switch of one of the paddle sleeves, but this is not really needed.  Buy this from TMGS, and you will get an extra instructions for a BONUS handling that I use in my own tablehopping and close-up work.  This extra handling requires no pockets, and it is (in my humble opinion) stronger, more streamlined and easier, too!

Highly recommended, at about a third the price of (the less impressive, in my opinion) Meteor Paddle.

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TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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