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Petrick`s Convert-a-Ball -- Signature series

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One of Petrick's cube effects, this one is the second best in the Signature series line-up, in my opinion. The effect: a cube is placed into a small golden box, and instantly truns into a ball. The transfomation is fast and startling, and also very clean. The ball is placed in the box and changes back into a cube, then the cube is placed in the box and vanishes, only to reappear in the performer's pocket. Brand new with original packaging and the DVD instruction video.

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Petrick`s Cubic Feat -- Signature series


One of Petrick's cube effects, this one is the weakest in the Signature series line-up, in my opinion.  But for a collector of Tenyo-esque effects, this is a neat piece of gimmickry.

The effect is straightforward:   a cube is placed into a clear rectangular holder, and inside, it levitates up to the top of the holder.   The gimmick that lifts the cube is well hidden, and so there is a puzzling element to this effect, but it begs to be examined, and unfortunately it cannot be handed out.

Like the other three tricks in Petrick's Signature series, these have a very Tenyo-esque feel and were probably created at the same time Petirck created Tenyo's Undercover cube effect.  So I think it belongs in any complete collection of Tenyo and tenyo-style micro magic.  

Complete, brand new, in original package with DVD instructions.

NOTE:  the DVD in the picture is a MINI-DVD.  Do not assume the scale of a regular size DVD and think that the Cubic Feat prop is 7-8 inches tall.  The prop is about 3 inches tall.


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