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Briefcase Mental Epic

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I really like this version of the classic Mental Epic effect, because it is just the right size for living room and club shows, and it will literally pack into a briefcase. The size is just shy of 14" x 10", so it it easy to pack and carry, but still shows up well on small platforms and in living room shows.

The effect is one of mentalism's greatest: magi predicts in advance the thoughts of three different spectators.   One spectator thinks of a color.  Magi writes his prediction in top left square of the divided blackboard, then hides it with a solid cover.  Spectator names his color, and it is written in the square below the covered prediction.  Next spectator thinks of a 4-digit number.  Magi writes his prediction in the center top square and covers it.  Spectators number is written in the square below.  Finally, the magi wirtes a prediction in the top left square and covers it.  The third spectator chooses a playing card, and its value is written in the last bottom square.  After a short recap of what has trnaspired, the magi lifts the three covers to show that all three predictions match exactly!

Easy to do, and the final display of three predictions, each above the corresponding spectator thought, will be long remembered by laymen who witness it! 
If you are lugging a larger version of Mental Epic to those small venue shows, you need this!   (Cards not included, but shown for scale)
Brand new, with instructions.

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