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Magic Stamp Album Trick

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This is the nicest Stamp Album trick I have found. It really looks like a stamp album, and the stamps look real too! The effect is a stamp album is shown empty, lots of spots to paste stamps in. A bunch of stamps are poured in, and presto, the appear fixed in place! This one has additional effect of first turning a blank notebook into the stamp album...I usually skip that part, but you can show the stamp album completely blank, then cause the empty spaces for all the stamps to be printed, then make the stamps appear in place. It is a nifty version of the Coloring book trick, using the same principle as the venerable Svengali deck! Excellent Kidshow magic! You get one book; that's all you need -- photo below shows multiple books to give idea of different phases in routine.

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Hot Book -- plain black cover, flippable pages

A classic comedy bit, where the magician opens a book, and flames shoot out!    This book has a plain black cover, so I put a new cover on mine that transformed it into a cookbook. (I use it in a dove pan cooking routine!)    But it could also be used as a "Book of Spells".     This version allows pages in the front of the book to be shown and flipped through, which heightens the mystery when the flames burst out later.

The Hot Book has been a standard classic of comedy for years, and proves that sometimes old gags are still the best!    Great for kidshows, but also gets a startled reaction from adults as well.

(WHILE THIS ITEM IS PERFECTLY SAFE WHEN HANDLED CORRECTLY, IT CAN BE DANGEROUS, AND SO WILL NOT BE SOLD TO ANYONE UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE. TMGS cannot assume responsibility for any injury or damage that may result from improper use of this prop).

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Magic Coloring Book DELUXE
This is a very good version of the classic Coloring book effect, as it has a few extra changes to extend the routine and heighten the magical effect. A Nursery Rhymes Coloring book is shown, but the pages are blank. Magically, the rhymes and black-and-white line drawings appear. Then the magi has the kids "throw" colors at the book, but the pictures are now all colored wrong -- the colors are in the wrong places. Finally, the colors magically appear in the right places and the book is filled with nicely colored pictures and rhymes.
Easy to do, and a lot of good kidshow magic in a lightweight, pack flat prop. Highly recommended!
Original Price: $9.95
Save: $3.96

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