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Neo Magnetic Thumb tip

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The instructions with this prop are very spare.   But this gimmick allows you to do so many things.    I use it for a version of the chop cup using a paper dixie cup.  You can pick up the gimmicked crochet ball through the side of the cup, or leave it on the table as suits you!      Or roll a small ball bearing into a dollar bill, and do an apparently impromptu chop cup routine.    For those gimmicks that require a magnet to activate them, like some of the mentalist's watches, this tip makes the perfect companion.     Rather than hiding a magnet somewhere under the table, etc, you just pick up the item and your thumb does the dirty work!      Use your imagination, and you will think of myriad uses for this tip.

For those magicians about to message me about showing the gimmick, revealing it -- okay, I get that, and I wrestled with whether or not to show it.  But I decided buyers should see that it is a good looking vinyl tip, well made.    And also, I just don;t think lay people cruise around looking at online magic listings, so I feel confident that everyone looking at this will be a magician.  Please forgive me if we disagree on those points.

An important gimmick that you should have in your arsenal.  Brand new.

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