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SWAMI Gimmick (Nail Writer)

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A few years ago, when David Blaine was the magic guy everybody was talking about...(until the goofy block of ice stunt cooled off the public's ardor for him ...)   Well, one of the main reasons everyone was talking about him was due to his use of the Swami Gimmick in all his TV specials.  It resulted in some of the most memorable and talked about magic among laypeople in a long time.

Effect  (or one of many possible with this versatile gimmick):   Mentalist writes a prediction on a business card and places the card (writing side downward) in full view on the table, or he holds it up above his head.  Asking the spectator to name any number from 100-1000 (let's say 568), the mentalist hands the card to the spectator who sees what it says: "You will think of the number 568. I have no doubt of this!"   Osterlind and Cassidy both open many shows with this very effect!

You can predict names, places, numbers -- you can hardly imagine all the possible presentations for this device. It is probably the most important mentalist's prop ever.   Amazingly "clean" mental magic that takes only a bit of practice! In Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism, he reflects the both importance of the gimmick, and its simple easy-to-use nature by making it the first step.

There are many types of Swami Gimmicks -- this is type B in Corinda's description, which he calls the "most widely used type".   If you have the book, look it up.   If you don't, trust me in my saying this is the best type of Swami Gimmick you can get.

You get three of them, in case you happen to lose it, you have a couple of spares!
Brand new and unused, with detailed instruction booklet.

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Mental Calculation Logs -- deluxe, anodized aluminum

Four little anodized aluminum "logs" or bars are shown. Each log has four long sides, and each side has four apparently random digits on it. When the logs are randomly turned and placed side by side, the digits on each log combine to four random four-digit numbers.  Before the spectator can punch the first one into his calculator to add them up, the magi names the sum of all four numbers.  The effect can be immediately repeated, and of course the total is always different. Those of you using nail writers also can do an incredible prediction effect using these.    

Part magic, and part mathematical dexterity...with no special math skills needed.   Highly recommended. 

I'm happy I was able to find a few of these nice solid aluminum sets again, as they have not been readily available in recent years.  When I would come across one in an estate sale, it would sell for $22-$25.  But I can sell the few I have now for less than that, so you have no reason to not add this to your close-up repertoire.    (There are hollow plastic sets available of this effect, but not only do they look and feel "cheap", they are actually harder for the spectator to mix and combine for different totals because they are too lightweight.)

Need one more reason to buy this?  Okay -- I will include written instructions for my own personal routine with the Calculation Logs -- a three phase routine with increasingly more amazing divinations and revelations!    

Brand new with instructions and extra TMGS handling.

NOTE:  as you can see in the enlarged photo, the rods have small "nicks" or marks on some of the edges -- this is how they arrived from the manufactuer; they are not signs of use.  These sets are brand new and unused.  But you will find minor imperfections as shown in the photo.   They do not effect the working or lessen the stunning impact of this effect.

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Mento Notepad by Tricks, Co
Here is a very ordinary looking switching pad, to allow you to have four different spectators write down three digit numbers, and then, when afifth totals them up, the result exactly matches your prediction, which can be in possession of a member of the audience from the start. This is an excellent utility device for the working mentalist, and will arouse no suspicion, even when handled by spectators.
If you do mentalism, you will want one of these!   Only one of these rare Tricks, Co mento Pads in stock, so don;t wait if you have to have it!  (And you know you do!)
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Swami writer -- thumbtip style
Another version of the essential mentalist's gimmick that lets you secretly write things inn full view of your audience.  For more information, see the write up for the Nail writer version of the Swami device.  This version has the lead built into a thumbtip.  Some mentalists prefer this version to the undernail writer, because it is more secure on the hand when the dirty work is done.  It does have the drawback of not being a completely invisible gimmick like the undernail version.  But lay audiences never see a thumbtip anyway, so this drawback is minimal in my opinion.  I use the undernail for close-up work and the thumbtip version when I am doing standup mentalism, so best bet is to get one of each!
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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