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Square and Circle Illusion (Tricks, Co. Ltd. Japan)

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The great part about looking at magic from Japan is that it is always unusual...this is one of the weirder ones! A plexi circle and plexi square are shown, along with a special measuring stick and "frame-like" thing-y. (I told you this would get weird). The square and circle are measured to show they are the same size. The square slides through the frame, but amazingly the circle will not, even though it is re-measured. Then it is shown to have grown larger than the square, and in the end, the measuring device changes to have arrows all along its side. (Did I mention that this was a wierd one?) Not frequently seen, and maybe for good reason, this is great additon to any Tricks Co collection. And when presented as a nightmare scenario of an obsessive compulsive (think "Monk"), it can also be entertaining magic. MINT condition, with original instructions.   ONLY ONE OF THESE IN STOCK!

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