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Fortune Telling of Love -- Stage size (Tricks Co, Ltd)

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Gotta love a trick with a name like that!     This item was made by Tricks, Co in two sizes, and this is the now-rarely-seen stage size version.

The effect is one of impossible coincidence or ESP matching: ten cards each picture half of a colored "loop", five colors, so you have two matching sets of five loop cards. The colored loops are different on both sides of the cards, making lots of possible matching combos. One set of cards are each placed into an opaque sleeve, and then the spectator randomly moathes the sleeved cards with visible cards from the other set. When the matching is checked by removing the sleeves, NONE of the loop colors match! But when the cards are turned over, the colors match in a way that the loops form HEARTS, rather than simple loops. (Hey, you try explaining this unique effect in a single paragraph!)    It makes sense and is very surprising when you see it.

Typical innovative plotting from Tricks, Co -- you will like this, and it plays well for women due to the Love tie-in at the end.   The stage size "Loop"cards are BIG, about 5" by 11", so when two are put together to form a complete heart, it is a big display.  You could involve a lot of spectators on stage for this, and finish with each holding a large matched heart!

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