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Swimsuit Prediction

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 This one reminds me of some of the Supreme magic items that we all love so much.   It is a fun, but not racy, routine with a beautiful swimsuit model, a small towel, and a magical prediction of her bathing suit color.

The magi shows a picture of the swimsuit model standing behind her hanging towel.   All that is visible is her smiling face and her long shapely legs. The spectator selects one of four bathing suit colors (no force involved), and when the picture is pulled out from behind the towel, she is wearing the same color suit!

The props have a campy old fashion feel to them, but you will love the way this works…no need to force any color, since the model can be shown very cleanly to be wearing any of the four suits. Plays surprising well for kids, as I mentioned there is not any sense of unwholesomeness in the routine or props.

Picture is 11" x 6" so it is very visible in both club and living room settings.  The cards used to select the swimsuit color are small-ish (so not as visible), but the color could be selected without using the cards, simply by saying "pick a color - blue, red, yellow or green"   Or you could do as I have done, and made enlarged copies of the color cards.  

Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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