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Jardine Ellis Ring (silver colored brass)

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Here is a great piece of close-up magic, in gleaming brass -- but to be clear, it is silver in color.    The JE ring is very versatile, and can be used for a ring on wand routine, or ring off rope. (It is such a useful prop, that Lewis Ganson devotes an entire chapter to JE Ring routines in his book, The Art of Close-up Magic.)   

With this nicely made JE ring, you get a 24 page instruction booklet that teaches key basic "moves" and over a dozen effects -- transpositions of the ring and penetrations off (or onto) ribbons, chopstick, through a hank, etc.

But my favorite effect with the JE ring is where you put the ring on a SPECTATOR's upstretched thumb, resting it at the base by their fist.     A hanky is tossed over the thumb, and you go beneath the hanky and lift off the ring, bringing it out for the spectator to see.    (Note: the spectator feels the ring coming off their thumb because you really remove it up and off.)    The killer finish comes when you vanish the ring, and lift the hanky to show the ring is back on their thumb!     They can examine it of course, and they will!

(That routine is not taught in the booklet, but once you know the secret of the JE ring, you can try it -- just put the ring onto the spectator's thumb, cover with a hanky, and then reach beneath, push down slightly on the ring, then lift, letting the ring rub along the spectator's thumb as you lift it away and out from under the hanky.  Show it, and then use your favorite vanish.  Let them look under the hanky and find the ring is back on their thumb.   There!  I just told you how to do that routine without giving anything away, but you'll understand when you buy this wonderful prop!)

Very cool magic!

Brand new, with 24 page instruction booklet.

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