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Wooden Cups and Balls (with Solid Cup Finale)

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If you want to add a unique finish to your Cups and Balls routine, this set is perfect for you.    Not only is it a nice wood turned set of cups, but comes with an extra (fourth) "solid" cup.    So at the end, it is possible to show that the cup is completely solid. 

The solid cup actually "opens" (or comes apart at the side ridge) to reveal a ball inside the solid cup...but I find that to be anti-climactic so I never do that part. 

You can also do use just the solid cup to do a one cup routine a la Shigeo Takagi, or the Paul Harris/Michael Ammar Beenie Weenie routine with solid cup finish.    The one cup routine is not included in the instructions, but if you can look up the handlings published by Busby, Harris, or Ammar, you can learn how to do a chop cup style routine with the solid cup!

A neat set for an experienced close-up worker who wants to try out some advanced moves.

Brand new with instructions.    NOTE:  one of the cups has a naturally occurring streak in the wood -- it is a natural imperfection, which does not effect the handling of the cups, but is visible on the cup.

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Chop Cups and Balls set
This is the effect that started it all... The cups and balls, updated to include one chop cup, so that many, many more amazing phases can be added to the routine.

 The cups are nicely spun from aluminum, and come complete with ONE magnetic ball and FIVE regular balls.  (So you get 1-2 extra regular balls compared to many Chop Cup and Balls sets).  In addition, there is one extra big pom pom ball.     Of course, you can use anything -- fruit, rubber balls, chicks -- for your final loads.

 Includes two 15 page booklets on the Cups and Balls, and a carrying bag that can also be used in the routine.  (The bag may be different color and fabric than shown in the picture.)

 Brand new and unused, with instructions.

Regular Price: $34.95
Save: $2.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Large Brass Cups and Balls set
This is the effect that started it all... The cups and balls, in a larger than average size -- 3" in diameter at the mouth, and 4" tall. This increases the visibility, and the larger size, when coupled with the beautiful brass composition of the cups makes for an impressive display indeed! If you do large final loads, they can really be large with these cups! The three cups come complete with four crochet balls, and a knit carrying bag that can also be incorporated into the routine, (ala Larry Jennings' Chop routine if you like). The 14 page booklet that comes with the set teaches a simple non-sleight routine, plus an advanced routine with all the classic phases and climax loads. The gorgeous Cups and Balls set you always dreamed of is here...
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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