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The Whole Thing -- original E&W, complete, but stained

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Save: $5.00
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This is one of my favorite packet effects ever, since it has such a unique plot, and laymen find the appearance of holes, and changes of color, etc to be totally baffling.   If you ever saw Daryl do his Jumbo version of this effect, you know how powerful it can be.

Effect:  the performer shows four cards, two are WHOLE cards, and two are HOLE cards (with hole in the middle). In a bunch of changes that I can't explain coherently here, the cards get spots, have words appear, and change color, all to the punning patter of Hole and Whole.

Great trick, and this is the original packet released in the 1970's by Emerson and West, so very collectible also. 

  This trick is very hard to find in such good condition -- if not stored properly, the fushia ink on the spot cards has a tendency to bleed over onto the adjacent cards, so usually you find these original sets with a lot of fushia staining on the blank card surfaces.     Such was the fate of this set.  See the photos to get an idea of what I mean.

For the collector of packet effects, this is a tragedy -- but to a lay audiences watching this wonderful packet trick, they won't even notice.  So if you would like a nice "working" set of this classic packet trick, here it is (for much less than the collector's prices that a pristine set would fetch)

previously owned, but complete with original instruction sheet, Q-card, original card wallet and vinyl outer sleeve.   NOTE:  the cards have some pink/purple ink transfer staining as is common in examples of this vintage packet effect.   Please see photos for exact condition.

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Number Two Pencil -- original Mark Jenest version
When you can do amazing magic with an ordinary object that you just picked up off the desk, or took out of your pocket, well, my friend, then you can say you are truly a magic man (or woman).  What could be more ordinary and innocent than a pencil.  We all have been freinds with the Number Two pencil since we took those standardized tests in grade school.  Mark Jenest has produced a great looking pencil that allows you to move the " No. 2" (printed on the pencil) from one end to the other!  Then for a big finish, you can stretch it out the entire length of the pencil.  This is strong (apaperntly impromptu) magic!!!   There is a cheaper version of this effect put out by Magic Makers, but it does not include the climax stretch, which sealed the deal for me -- get this one, the original by Mark Jenest, and it will fast become a favortie of yours.

Save: $2.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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