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Flying Ring (like Ring Flite -- economy model)

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Al Koran first described this (now classic) effect in his book, Professional Presentations.  The effect had all kinds of things going for it:  it used a borrowed item of great personal and intrinsic value, it had a strong and comical finish, and it was clean and simple in its method and effect.   Many versions of this effect have been manufacturered and sold, mostly under the name of Ring Flite.  This new version is similar but saves some money by producing the key case in imitation leather and leaving unnecessary features (like a locking gimmick) out.   From a lay person's point of view, this inexpensive model does the job as well as any.
The effect:  a ring is borrowed and placed into your hand.  When your hand is opened, the ring is gone, and instead, the key to your car is found there.  Taking out a black leatherette key case, (apparently to return the key), the case is snapped open, and the keys shook out.  Along with the keys hanging from the case's keyrings, there is also the borrowed ring!  It is looped through a key ring in the case.
Simple to do, but does take practice to do smoothly.
This version of the effect conceals the gimmick more fully within the key case, which makes it a bit cleanerto display when you finally open the case to show the ring inside.
Great trick, great price!

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Ring Flite
Effects with borrowed objects are always intriguing to the lay audience, especially if the object is valuable (like a ring). When the valuable ring vanishes from the magician's hand (incredibly cleanly, I might add -- nothing tricky...just put it in the hand and when the hand opens, it's gone!), this piques the audience's attention, particularly the one who loaned the ring! Magician can't find the ring, but explains he will pay for it -- only problem: his wallet's in the car. So he takes his car keys out (in a nice leather key case) and as he looks for the key to his car, it is seen that the borrowed ring is hooked to a holder in the key case! Before it is removed, the relieved lender verifies that it is in fact her ring. Takes practice, but not as hard to do as the awesome effect would imply.
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Ring Casket (smaller version)
This smaller sized Ring casket is like the DELUXE one that we sell in terms of the effect.  But it is slightly smaller in size, and uses a slightly different method, that while just as deceptive, it is not quite so diabolical in its design.  (See related items for more info on the DELUXE Ring Casket).

Like the deluxe ring casket, this looks great, and is precision made, examinable, and will fool your audience!   The effect:   a borrowed ring is wrapped in a hanky, and given to the spectator to hold. The magician brings out a sealed brass box, which is handed to the spectator for examination -- after which, she is asked to put the box in a safe place.    The ring is caused to vanish from the hanky, and when the spectator unscrews the lid of the box (which takes some time as there are about TWENTY turns to free it from the screw-on threads!), the ring is found inside.

The gimmick on this model is simple to use and will withstand some examination.  (Not quite as rigorous as that which the deluxe model will withstand...)   The box is easier to load and close than a Bill Tube, and the borrowed ring makes the effect more personal than the bill tube in my opinion. Great close-up magic!  

This smaller size ring casket is large enough for even a man's finger ring, but will not handle a folded playing card (for those of you who were thinking along those lines).  The instructions mention using a borrowed bill -- this is another possibility, but the prop is best suited to use with rings.

The hanky vanish of the ring is not included -- but you can use any means in your arsenal to vanish the ring:  rattle box, paper fold, hanky vanish, or even some simple sleight of hand.  

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