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Chinese Sticks -- large, red

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The chinese sticks is a classic that has suffered from too many small, cheap plastic versions. Because it is easy to do, it has been relegated to the ranks of "beginners" magic. But the good news is that most beginners who get the cheap small sticks don't recognize the enormous entertainment value of this effect. And so audiences have not been saturated with the effect. Now, with this large, highly visible, wooden set of sticks, you can do justice to this classic of magic. Show the two sticks, holding them in one hand. One stick has a long tassle and one has a short tassle. Pull the short, the long goes up, and becomes the short! Pull it back down, the other goes up. When audience thinks cords are connected, you separate the sticks and still the cords act as though they are connected. Lots of fun by-play as well as mystery! Sticks are 14 inches long, so great for living room, platform or stage!

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