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Card Change Frame (Jumbo) -- vintage 1990s

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This uses a neat principle to make a clean and convincing switch of the visible jumbo card for another one.   It is very similar to an effect put out by Tricks Co. Ltd (Japan) back in the late 1970's called Surprise Card.  The Tricks Co item is very hard to find these days, but you can get the next best thing in this more recent version from Sam Dalal's magic company.  (This version was put out in the 1980's and 90's and is no longer available from Dalal's company, so this may be your last chance to get the effect.....)   But to be clear, I'll re-state:  this is NOT the Tricks Co item -- it is a more recent remake of the same effect and method

This is a "sucker" prediction of a chosen card, where the prediction turns up wrong, but then magically transforms into an examinable jumbo card that matches the selection!    This revelation/change is made particularly effective because the frame has a hole (or window) that goes all the way through, so when the card changes, it is obvious that the original (incorrect) prediction is not hiding in the frame...(or is it?)

You show a Jumbo Queen of Hearts, turn it back to the audience and place it into a stiff thick paper frame.  The card never leaves the sight of the audience.  A card is selected but it is the Ace of spades.   The jumbo card is slid out of the frame, which is clearly seen to be empty (including a see-thru hole in the middle of the frame back), and when it is turned to face the audience, it has changed to the Ace of Spades.

(If you want to have the final card different from the Ace of Spades, you could substitute any card from a standard size "jumbo" deck.  (You must use the Queen of hearts as the first card, however)

Card back is Bicycle Rider style, though the cards are not printed by the USPCC.   This set was one of the earlier ones (1980's) and the quality is better than later versions from the 1990's as the item was winding down.  Nicely printed, though the Ace of Spades has a light area at the bottom of the center pip (see photo). 

New old inventory -- complete and unused.    A hard to find, nicely made item.

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