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Bicycle Design Gag Cards - Set of 4

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You get four red-backed cards, custom printed with red Bicycle back design, in classic gag card motifs: the 14 of spades, the 15 of diamonds, the venerable three-and-a-half of spades, and a very fancy Tree of Hearts.

(Note:  these cards are NOT printed by the US Playing Card Company.  They are imported, and while they handle well and smoothly, they have a slightly different finish from cards produced by USPCC.  Also these cards are a tiny bit longer than standard Poker-sized cards.  When in a standard deck, they protrude about 1/16 of an inch.  So best to use them separate from the deck, in a prediction envelope of card box.  Or in the deck, they can always be easily located and cut to.)

We magicians think these are just silly gags, but if played well, the revelation of the 14 of spades, or the three-and-a-half of clubs, or even the Tree of Hearts, not only amuses the lay audience, but can profoundly knock their socks off, too!

The effect as I usually do it: Spectator picks a card ("freely" selecting the 7 of spades). You explain that your facedown prediction card cannot, of course, be the same card, but it will be exactly double his card. You give examples, "if you picked the 2 of Hearts, my prediction would be the 4 of Hearts, etc". After the byplay when he names the 14 of spades, you show the correct prediction! Another great use is for a blendo card effect: two cards selected (again "freely", the 10 of diamonds and the 5 of diamonds). Via some sleight of hand, a card box, or maybe some other switch, you change the two selected cards into one card that equals their combined values -- the 15 of diamonds!

Tons of possibilities... Get a few sets, because you may wear them out -- you'll be using it so much!

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Jumbo 52 on 1 card - Set of 2

The gag that magicians love to hate, but they all use it anyway!   And laymen still think it is entertaining and amusing, even though we magicians have seen it hundreds of times. 

A card is named aloud by a spectator and you say "If I turn my prediction around and you see the face of your card, that would be a miracle!" They agree, and you spring the 52 cards on one card face gag. Just make sure to move on to something truly impressive after this comic interlude! 

You get TWO of these jumbo cards, so if one gets bent or dirty, (because you will use it all the time!), you will have a spare.  Or maybe you want to work out a more involved routine, like this:  you let someone cut the deck and they look at the card they cut to.  You show your prediction card matches their card because it has all 52 cards on it.  Looks like a gag, but the next time you show the 52-on-1 card, the selected card is circled in black Sharpie ink!  (If you work out a simple offbeat pocket-switch or lap-switch, you can turn the gag into a strong piece of magic!)

Brand new and unused.

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Jumbo Gag Card - Set of Five
Here is a set of Jumbo size cards to use for humorous card revelations and card predictions...
You get a 14 of diamonds, a 3 and a half of clubs, a King/Queen card and two 52 on 1 cards, one with regular back, and one with a regular card on the back, so you can force a card, and then show you actualkly have the right card after the 52 on 1 gag. The back design is somewhat "generic", so it will not match your jumbo Bicycle deck if you have one. But these are still very useful and add a bit of comic relief when mixed in with more meaningful and mystifying card magic!
Save: $2.00
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