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Good condition. 1978, third edition. by CLARK, KEITH

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Cigarette through Card (Bicycle Poker)
I think it was Dave Solomon and Don England who invented this great method for pushing a cigarette (or rolled up bill) through a selected card. Have a card chosen, and turn it faceup on top of the deck. The chooser signs her name on the face of the card. Turn it facedown, and then push a cigarette through the back of the card, and pull it out. Flip the card faceup showing the signatuyre in place, and hand out the examinable, signed, unharmed, card as a souvenir. Made in popular Bicycle Poker size cards with blue back, so you need a matching Bicycle deck to perform this..
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Lit Cigarette Pull (vintage 1975, metal mesh)
A good quality, metal mesh cigarette pull which I purchased in the mid-1970's and have never used.  I probably should have used it, because the vanish of a lit cigarette in your bare hand is one of the most memorable and amazing effects you can do for a lay person.  Does not have the drawback of the other popular method, which requires the cigarette be smoked down at least half its length -- with this pull, you can vanish a complete cigarette right after lighting it.  Try this and you will fool the magicians who are all thumbs!  :-)
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